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Most of you reading this right now have probably spent quite some time looking through the web for a San Diego wedding DJ, a Corporate DJ, or even just a private event DJ, and realized there are so many to choose from!  So, you are probably thinking to yourself; “What’s the difference between each one?” “Who is best for me?” “How do I really know who is better, and who just says they are better?!”

These are all very common, and very important questions that can be difficult to answer from just a website.  My goal with my website is to provide you with a clear picture of who I am as a San Diego wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, along with what services and options I have available. You will also find a little bit about what makes me different.  If there are any questions left unanswered, or if you would like to get into discussing more details about your event, please don’t hesitate to call me anytime.

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Meet Your DJ & Master of Ceremonies

San Diego Wedding DJ - DJ Astir

My name is Lenny, also known as DJ Astir, and I am the owner of Astir Entertainment.  I am currently 29 years old, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a true music enthusiast.  I currently serve on the board of the American Disc Jockey Association as Vice President, after serving previously as Secretary.

 I get asked by many clients during the preliminary interview phases, how I would describe my ‘style of mixing’.  My style is turntable based, for starters.  Mixing on turntables, versus some other equipment out there, offers greater control of the music, as well as the ability to mix throughout a broader ‘tempo range’ of music.  You will find my mixes to be very smooth, that help to create a constant energy on the dance floor.  What exactly is played, is totally up to you!  I truly enjoy planning out each and every set with my clients.  I take all your input up front, and work with you to create perfect playlists that are sure to please.

Being a San Diego Wedding DJ, and Corporate DJ, I also act as your Master of Ceremonies.  My styles here, I think is easier to explain.  Being that all the events I M.C. tend to be formal events, I take a very professional approach.  I speak with energy, and enthusiasm to have the attention of the audience, but I only announce the things that need to be announced.  Your event is not about me, and I don’t try to make it that way!  Please take some time to watch some of my videos, and listen to some mixes as well!